Our Family

At Harney Lane Winery, we celebrate our family’s rich history in farming as the basis for our vision of the future. Since 1907, we’ve been proud stewards of the land, farming vineyards on Harney Lane and surrounding areas. In 2006 we were thrilled to develop our talents in winemaking, bringing you exceptional handcrafted estate wines from those vineyards. Our winery has the unique opportunity to have charge over every element of the winemaking process; from the vineyard to the barrel to the bottle. Meet our most valuable ingredients in our bottles-our family.

Kathleen Mettler – The matriarch of the family. “Kathy” is blessed with the gift of hospitality and can often be found in the tasting room, pouring wine and sharing the family story.  If she isn’t there, she is likely to be found with her grandchildren, Kirsten & Ian.

Kyle Lerner – Kyle always says that farming is legalized gambling with more variables. Despite that, he married into a farming family and joined the game. Kyle loves the challenges that farming and the wine business bring, and feels most in his element when he is in the tasting room.

Jorja Lerner – After 15 years as a physical therapist, she has hung up her theraband to jump into this new exciting adventure with the family. Being an only child, she feels compelled to continue the legacy of this family and the Lodi area by adding a this new layer to the business.

George Mettler – The patriarch of the family. His great grandfather first purchased the Harney Lane land and his grandfather planted its first vineyard. While we lost our Patriarch in February of 2013, he left us a legacy of  progressive farming  and uncompromising standards. George loved God. He loved his family. He loved great wine. He loved his dog, Ranger. Anyone that knew him knew that he loved to fish, especially with great friends.

The Kids – Kirsten Elizabeth & Ian James- The kids have been part of the farming operations since they were born. They can often be seen checking vineyards with Kyle or emptying the press out in the winery (they love to get dirty). These two know more about farming and winemaking than most! They also are the namesakes for Lizzy James Old Vine Vineyard.