An update to the update- Lizzy in pictures

A lot can happen in just one weeks time…George checked up on Lizzy last week and documented lots of changes. What a beautiful vineyard this is! Enjoy the pictures.

Lizzy James Vineyard

New life emerges on 4.16.12.

Bright, lively foliage begins to evelop the gnarly vines. 4.23.12.

The gnarly silhouettes are taken over.


New life on the vines means a future of new wines!

Lizzy James- a sea of gnarly beauties!

One thought on “An update to the update- Lizzy in pictures

  1. And all these years I thought the wonderful land of Oz was over the rainbow, and now to discover it’is in Lodi.
    Harney Lane is a very special place, made special by those who love and work it every day.

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